My birthday is just around the corner and soon I will be celebrating my 18th birthday. Yes, 18 wonderful years of living. Ha! Who am I kidding, I’m turning 24 on August 27th and I’m scared. I feel that as I get older I’m morphing into the person who I’m meant to become. While I have accomplished a lot in the past few years I still have a lot ahead of me.

With my 24th birthday approaching, I feel that it’s a good way to reminisce over the last years of being in my twenties. It all began in 2008 when I stopped being a teen and turned 20. To celebrate my birthday my family and I went skydiving for the first time.  At the same time I was still on my first year of college at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago.

2008 was an eventless year; basically a year of talking to people who are no longer my friends.

In 2009, I started the second year of college. I become very close with Melanie and we ended up taking most classes together. During lunch we would run off to Chipotle, we ate there everyday. It came to the point that the people knew us by name and our order.

2009 was also the year where I demolished my parent’s living room and bathroom. It all started with ripping out the forest green carpet, and ended up in a complete house demo.

This also happened in 2009. Ha! At this point I was dating the wrong person. You live and learn.

This lovely person who I now consider a good friend introduced me to parties. These types of parties

A few weeks before my 21st birthday my braces came off. I was ready to sparkle.

Melania and I at a party, Notice I no longer had braces 🙂

My 21st birthday was Cray. This happened! Does anyone remember?

In October I met Henry, making 2009 one of the best years for me.

Halloween 2009, I was a Ballerina

I started 2010 in Mexico, away from Henry. Our relation was young and innocent. We would spend nights together and things like this would happen. This is what made us beautiful.

Yes, we wore that outfit to a straight bar

2010 started out great, Henry and I decided to adopt a baby together. He was a four month old with big ears. We named him Napoleon and here is our first family photo.

Our baby needed a bath; we used the kitchen sink because he was so small and delicate.

In 2010 we saw Lady Gaga at Lollapalooza

My 22nd birthday consisted of many drinks, good friends and lots of dancing.

2010 ended with a bang. Henry and I took our first vacation together. This is me in Spain and Henry in Paris

We started 2011 by climbing the Eiffel Tower at night

Back in Chicago Henry and I tackled painting the kitchen while Napoleon took a nap and we saw Crystal Castles in concert with a few friends.

Tiki was introduced to us in spring

By this time I was getting ready to graduate from college and started a good paying job.

We went to Body Worlds and celebrated my 23rd birthday at home.

I also started working at Michael-Cleary. I got the chance to design for DIFFA and was invited to the event.

I went back to Mexico for New Years and saw my grandfather for the last time.
We decided to take another vacation to Paris. This time everything about the city was magical. Perfect city was perfect.

In May my family took an unexpected trip to Mexico for grandpas funeral

We took another trip together in early June. This time we would go to New York City

With another extra year of age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes sorrow. This year when I get another year older, most likely ill be spending my day alone.

And there you have it that was a quick summary of how my early twenties have treated me.
Lets hope that the next few years are just as good if not better. Cheers



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2 Responses to With age comes wisdom: Turning 24

  1. Ambar Campos says:

    I love you! You are so cute! I’m so glad I met you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As a fellow leo, I hope your birthday celebration this year is as fun as all the others!!!


  2. emma marie says:

    you are a special person in my life. although we NEVER manage to see each other, you cross my mind daily (no exaggeration). there is no one else i would rather send/receive wake up texts from at 7 am. 🙂 you are one of the best people I have met since 2007 and will forever hold title of biggest heart. I love you, my friend! happy early birthday!!

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