I been working at Michael-Cleary since April, while being there I have experienced and learned things that school doesn’t teach and I have been offered wonderful opportunities. This week I was asked to help out the Grange showroom with their window display.

The window display is located in the first floor of the Merchandise Mart on the west side of the building. The challenge that I found during this window display was working with the selection of furniture, fabric and accessories in the Grange showroom. I was told about the display on Monday morning and it had to be completed ASAP. I started by removing the hideous display that had been there for six months. After some dusting and cleaning I unrolled the three options of fabrics.

Option 1: Crème fabric with orange sunflowers
Option 2: Orange, lilac and tan plaid
Option 3: Orange stripes

Clearly the fabrics could have been better. I decided to use the plaid as a background and the solid orange on the floor. The piece that was going on display was a little blue desk. We decided to keep the accessories simple and clean by only having a few books and a metal jewelry box. After two hours, I was done and ready to stand back and see my work.

Check out the photos below to see the window display.


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