Lately I have been overwhelmed and stressed out with everything at work and home. So stressed out that I’ve been leaving work with a headache, I come home to lie in bed all afternoon and sometimes cry myself to sleep. I wake up and the cycle continues.

I desperately need a vacation from everything to clear my mind before I go crazy. I’ve been thinking about places to visit that are on my bucket list and Italy sounds like a fabulous idea. Italy has been on my mind since I was sixteen and it’s about fucking time that I make it there.

One little problem that I have is getting there, not like I can drive there; or can I?

Answer: Nope, Google couldn’t calculate directions between Chicago, IL and Italy. HA!

One main reason why I want to travel while I’m young is to explore and learn about cultures that will influence me as a designer. While books and the Internet are great ways to get ideas there is nothing more valuable than traveling and seeing the design, architecture, art, food and people with your own eyes. The experiences that you gain while traveling become memories that you hold on to for the rest of your life.

I’m thinking that spending New Years in Italy would be just as amazing as it was spending New Years in Paris with a love one. Maybe I’m rushing Italy but I would start in Rome, then Florence, then Milan and finally Venice. Is it even possible to do this trip in twelve days? There is definitely a lot to plan and think about but it would be so worth it.

Ahh! Just thinking about all the wonderful art and architecture that there is in Italy makes me want to book a flight and not look back.

In the mean time check out the video below of Venice in a day. Inspiration

Venice in a Day from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.



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