Dear Life,

I’ve been on a mission to grab you by the horns and I must admit that I’m doing a great job. Since January I’ve been telling myself that this is the year to live dangerously and that 2013 will be my year. At this point there is nothing left but to be happy and excited with my new life.

I wasn’t planning on blogging about this topic but then I looked at the photos and realized how perfect the night was that there was nothing stopping me from blogging it other than myself. Over the long Fourth of July weekend I had a busy schedule but I was able to take time and go on a little date.

To keep the story short and sweet; I met a handsome gentleman at Pride, we’ve been talking for a few days and he asked me if I wanted to go on a yacht ride on Sunday night. Obviously I agreed, not because of the yacht but because of the possibilities. We met up at his place and then drove down to the harbor where the yacht is located. After we boarded the boat we had a few drinks and made our way down from Irving Park to the Adler Planetarium. The rest of the night was spent on board while we chatted, listened to live music and enjoyed the beautiful city in the background. Overall the night was good and interestingly enough I didn’t make it home until 1am Monday Morning.

What I’m finding funny from this date is that a simple gesture can lift you up and show you want you want to see. I guess that I want it all and nothing less because my little heart is telling me to trust. Patience Rene, Patience!

Hugs and kisses


Eli Lieb: Young Love


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