Today I Woke Up is a project that I started a few weeks ago when I was having a hard time with life. It was one of those days when nothing seemed to work and the harder that I tried the more I failed. That week was full of bad news and disappointments and it kept getting worse as the days went by.

One morning I woke up happy and ready to start living again; the project instantly came to me. The idea for the project is to write happy and sad quotes from my life on inflated balloons and wait to see how the meaning changes as the balloon deflates. As the balloon looses its air the meaning will get smaller and eventually not matter anymore. Most of the balloons below have a deeper meaning because they are quotes/saying that I have said or been told by a loved one.

I will take photos of the deflated balloons and make a post as the project grows.


 I hate you because I love you..
Ironically this balloon exploded before it could loose all its air. “I hate you because I love you” was said to me on a text message a few days after breaking up with him.

I’m having trouble sleeping without you
After a break up all you can do is think of the other person and the nights seem to never end.

Soon it will be blue skies and Vodka martinis all the time…

Skillet on the stove is such a temptation
This one is actually a song lyric but true non-the less

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