Two weeks ago Henry and I were browsing through an antique store that we usually shop at. Typically antique shops are a hit or a miss depending on what you are looking for. This time we came across a tilt top table with a tri-pod leg. The side table has a round carved top, with a carved tri-pod leg that features a claw and ball foot. Originally we thought that the table needed minimal restoration but after a closer inspection we found that the original stain was old, cracked and chipping.

Here you can see how bad the stain was, it even looks like a piece of tape had done damage.

The side of the table top was the worst. The wood had started to break apart and the stain was mostly gone.

The tri-pod leg also had deep scratches as you can see here

I started this project by using Restor-A-Finish which usually works great on old furniture. The problem that I came across was that the stain on the top and legs was so badly damaged that the product couldn’t save it.

After realizing that Restor-A-Finish wasn’t going to work, I took a deep breath and started sanding. I sanded down the top which took about an hour and then came the legs. 

Sanding started with paper, it eventually led to an automatic power sander

The top as the sand paper started to reveal the wood tone

Sanding down the ornate legs took a little longer because it was 100 degrees outside and I was taking a break every ten minutes.

After I was happy with how the legs were turning out I assembled the table back. I left it in the living room for a week and critiqued it. I knew that I needed more sanding on the legs and I left the base untouched. I wanted to match the new stain to the original that was left on the base; I used MINWAX Red Oak 215. You can purchase this MINWAX product at any local hardware store.

At this point the stain was drying, as you can see it 90% matches the original stain

After the first coat of stain dried (which only took 20-minutes because it was 100 degrees outside) I added a second coat. I waited about an hour or so for the second coat to dry, and then I applied MINWAX Paste Finishing Wax. This wax product will protect and polish the stain and wood, I did two coats of wax to get it a bit glossy.

 After everything had dried I was able to assemble the table, took it inside and called it a day.

I ended up using materials from previous projects and didn’t spend any money on restoring this table. Overall it took more work that I wanted to do and more time but the table looks brand new. The table is currently sitting in my living room looking pretty.

Have you taken on a big project lately? I want to know and see photos.
Thoughs of my table?

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