Three years ago today we walked into a pet store on a whim and came out with the most adorable four-month-old puppy. It wasn’t anything that we had planned but turns out that it was the best decision we ever made.

The photo on the right is about a month after we got him and the one on the left is a few months after while driving to Westmontnapo1

After all the adoption forms were completed and our truck was loaded with all the necessary supplies we were on our way. All of a sudden we were responsible for a life. I remember being so happy to have this little puppy sleep on lap while driving home.

From the beginning it was love at first sight and to this day he manages to make me feel loved. Napoleon has been more than just a dog Napoleon is my child. Thanks to him I have grown as a person and became more responsible in the process. Napoleon gives me unconditional love and that is more than I can ask for. Everyday when I come home he goes crazy, it’s a party of happiness.

The top left photo is us in bed on a cold winter night, the bottom left is us driving home from the Metra on a hot summer day.
The right photo is Napoleon enjoying the view from the car while driving to an exciting place. napo7

When I’m sad he is right next to me to lick my tears away and brings me his toys to cheer me up. At night he is the best little spoon that I have ever had and the best body heater in the winter. Three years later Napoleon and I are in this together, we have become a package deal. I am so happy to have him in my life and hope to have him for a very long time. Thank you Napoleon for all the wonderful memories that you have given me so far. Love you.


 On the left Napoleon is being a gypsy and on the right Napoleon is taking a power nap on the lawnnapo8

There are thousands of photos that I have taken of Napoleon during the years, below are some of my favorite. I must say that he is very photogenic like his dad. Ha!

napo2 napo3 napo4 napo5 napo6 napo9 napo10



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