In continuing to make 2013 an awesome year I have gone outside my comfort zone and I’m doing things that I wouldn’t normally have done in previous years. I made it my goal/New Years resolution to attend a concert or show at least once a month throughout 2013. So far this little cookie is doing great and I have successfully been to local shows, concerts and operas. There is no stopping me and I have no plans to stop any time soon because I’m really enjoying all these experiences.

Tuesday night my friend Matthew and I made our way to Ravinia for the One Republic concert. We arrived at Ravinia around 6 p.m. along with the Three million other people that were also attending. We found the perfect little spot under a big canopy tree for us to set up our picnic before the show. Matthew brought all the necessary items for a good time, except the wine opener. Ha! Where there is a will there is a way.

The food was perfect, the crazy Chicago weather was perfect, and the music was perfect. The only complaint I have is the one column that was blocking the view from the spot that we were standing at. We could have moved but decided to stay in place. The show consisted of classic One Republic songs and songs from their new album “Native”. Below are photos and videos of the lovely night and the lovely column that was blocking everything. Ha! Enjoy.

Love Rene


One Republic1

One Republic Opening

One Republic2

One Republic: Secrets

One Republic3 One Republic4

One Republic: All The Right Moves


One Republic: What You Wanted

One Republic5 One Republic6

One Republic: Stop And Stare

One Republic7

One Republic: Counting Stars

One Republic8
One Republic: Apologize

One Republic: Feel Again

One Republic9

One Republic: Life In Color

One Republic10

One Republic: If I Lose Myself

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