Dear Pair of Clowns,

This post is something that I’ve been completely avoiding for the past three months. There have been a few situations where this topic has been brought up but I’ve tried to be the bigger person and not address it. Until now! This time the line was crossed and I’m fucking sick of it.

From the start of this blog I have made my life very public and I’ve had no problem doing it. I know that it may be my fault for being so public with my life, the information I write and the photos that I post but honestly let’s live a little.

By now everyone knows what happened between my ex and I. After all the bullshit and pain he and the homewrecker put me through, I made it a mission to not fall back into that same prison. Since the breakup there has been a few instances where I have noticed that these two clowns are looking at my content.

Last night something happened that completely infuriated me. I was so angry that my blood was boiling. Ha! Here’s the stupid story. After work I logged into the magical world that is Instagram. I had a few notifications but the last three where from a very unpleasant homewrecker. Umm what? Didn’t I block your account? Oh wait; you created a new account to check up on me.

It’s funny that you had to create a new Instagram account, type my username and have the time to go through 620 of my photos, while hitting the “like” button. Once again I have blocked you so please do us a favor and stay off my page in the future.

While I’m annoyed that both of you do this I’m actually flattered that you are doing it. But please, leave me alone.

Peace and blessings and thank you in advance.
Love Rene

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