Tonight I am drinking a nice glass of red wine and celebrating the end of the Gilt promotion for framing at Michael-Cleary. I’m so happy that stupid promotion is over, I’m crying of happiness. Basically the last few months have been a nightmare with all these coupon people coming into the showroom wanting a free frame.

I don’t understand why people think that they could get high-end custom framing for free by purchasing a twenty-dollar voucher. Yes, I understand that our frames are over priced compared to other local frame shops but haven’t you noticed where we are located? The Merchandise Mart which is known for over priced high-end custom furnishings.

I tried to make as many customers happy but If you were one of the few cheap customers that called and yelled at me over the phone because you are too cheap to spend an extra few dollars, or because your art wasn’t ready on time then you can go fuck yourself.

In the end of this experience I learned a whole bunch about framing that otherwise would have never crossed my mind. My favorite challenge everyday was making an inexpensive travel post card look original and expensive. I want to thank all the customers who brought their art in for allowing me to express my creativity while spending their money and not mine. Thank you.





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