My bucket list is quite long and a trip to Paris is one of the many items on that list waiting to be completed and scratched off. France is one of the many European cities that I desired to visit, so when Henry and I decided that spending Christmas and New years in Mexico wouldn’t work out, clearly Paris was the next best option! We booked our round-trip airplane tickets, made hotel reservations and planned our “once in a lifetime experience” trip to the city of light.

Being that Henry and I had never been to Paris, Let’s just say that we don’t speak French or know what to do in France. After weeks of extensive research we decided that we didn’t want to be the typical tourist, even though we are tourist. We made a list of everything French culture and everything we wanted to visit/see. With a page full of things to visit and see, we narrowed it down to three big monuments and museums that we could see each day. The Louvre: a museum to see all types of amazing famous art. Versailles: a chateau where I could worship Marie Antoinette. Finally the Eiffel Tower:  world icon, how could we travel to France and not see the Eiffel tower?

The day of our flight we woke up early, way early! Having many hours to do some packing, last arrangements and time to say good bye to our beloved dog Napoleon. We arrived at O’Hare airport around 1:30p.m., checked in, went through security and got a complimentary full body scan. Finally after a long walk we were at our gate waiting to board. This was the moment I had been waiting for, the moment where we board a giant plane with Europe as a final destination.

After a long plane ride, a time zone change and no sleep we finally arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport around 3p.m. Still sitting inside the plane looking out our little window; the airport looks the same as any other airport but as soon as we step off that plane, it hits us; everyone was speaking French and they expected us to do the same. We managed to find our luggage, luckily in one piece. The next challenge was finding our way to the hotel. With the few French words I know we ventured around the airport. We got on a taxi and off we went. As a typical tourist we looked out the taxi window amazed with the views. It was a cold rainy winter afternoon in Paris. From a distance we could see the Eiffel tower peaking through the fog. I remember seeing the Eiffel tower getting closer and closer and by this point Henry and I were ecstatic. We managed to take a few photos of the tower from far away. Finally reaching the Eiffel tower, driving next to that monument, seeing how big it really was and realizing that yes, we really were in Paris.

check out photos below.

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