When it came time to come up with a blog idea I got a bit stuck on the topic of being thankful. It’s that time of year where you start seeing all over social media the many reasons why people are thankful and to be honest it sounds the same year after year. Everyone is always thankful for the good things that happen in life but why don’t we ever talk about the bad? Why aren’t we thankful for the heartbreaks, the sadness and the unhealthy relationships? Aren’t these the things that make happiness and love seem that much more wonderful? I find it hard to understand that I would be the only one to ever question this. Is it because I’m dead, lost and lonely on the inside? Doubt it! This year I turned twenty-nine and no better way to say thankful for this wonderful year than with twenty-nine horrible things that happened thus far.


Twenty-nine states of mine that taught me to be indifferent

Twenty-nine crying all the time. Morning, Day, Night, Offline!

Twenty-nine boys who shall not be named

Twenty-nine lies that float in the air

Twenty-nine “I’ve changed my mind”

Twenty-nine I’m getting old.

Twenty-nine I’m feeling old.

Twenty-nine I’m wasted.

Twenty-nine “but he’s gone”

Twenty-nine I could be more delicate.



Twenty-nine bad dates

Twenty-nine bad selfies

Twenty-nine I’m going to change my job

Twenty-nine I’ve made up my mind

Twenty-nine push-ups at a time

Twenty-nine love words that only hurt myself

Twenty-nine “I wish I could love myself”

Twenty-nine don’t come near me

Twenty-nine daydreams

Twenty-nine we don’t stop for no one




Twenty-nine times standing there alone

Twenty-nine being afraid and hiding behind that baby face

Twenty-nine coming back home

Twenty-nine I’m broken

Twenty-nine winds of change

Twenty-nine shattered dreams

Twenty-nine begging you back through tears

Twenty-nine I’m guilty

Twenty-nine messing up somebody else

Rene Valdez
Living in Modern

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