Once upon a time back in January my friend introduced me to Leon Larregui. In those days it was lovely to hear Leon because every time he had something great to say. His songs really helped me through a low time and now the video for the song Souvenir has finally been released.

From the beginning the song Souvenir became a favorite and was constantly on repeat until another song came along. Today, I watched the video for the first time and the feelings came rushing back. It’s not the song that made me emotional this morning; it was the people and things that come to mind when I heard it again.

This lovely song talks about there being no love left to give and the way that I forgot about myself in trying to make you happy. I was afraid of the distance and it not being good for you. The way that you made me feel was like a vile souvenir, your treasure, a piece of yesterday. In the end you said that you weren’t ready and that you shouldn’t continue. Thousands of promises made at once that all those illusions are now orphaned.

As I type this post the song Souvenir is on repeat once again because there is something about the song that makes me feel alive. I love the song because after all you did make me feel like a vile souvenir, a disposable treasure from yesterday. If you know Spanish and haven’t heard the song then I suggest that you hit the play button below.

-Love Rene

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