October has started out with a lot of design work for me. Last week I got a call from a potential client who wanted me to see his home and help out with the interiors and landscape. After the quick call he gave me more information on the project, floor plans and the address of the home. Immediately I went to work to find out more information on the project. I ran across the real estate listing for the home, photos of the house were included and this is what it looks like.

The house is a 1958 brick bungalow in a double lot with original woodwork.

The next day I drove over to Elmwood Park where the house is located and as I drove up I was lost. According to my GPS I was at the right location, but the house didn’t match the one from the photos. This is what is now standing at that location, a massive new construction home.

Front, Side and Back

After a quick tour of the house I gathered photos and the information needed to start the design process.

Basement: Game-room, Office, Laundry, Theater Room, Guest-room, Bathroom and Bar
Main Level: Family Room, Kitchen and Dining Room, Formal Dining Room, Powder Room, and Formal Living Room.
Second Floor: 4 Bed Rooms, 4 Bathrooms and laundry room

Formal living room: The paper is covering two french doors and the scaffolding is where the stairs will be

East window views, no floors

Southview of family room with gas fireplace. Open door leads to the garage

View of family room and formal living room areas

View of dining room, powder room and kitchen in the back

After a week of searching for inspiration and ideas for this residence, I met with the client again on Saturday. The family and I have decided that a mixture of traditional and contemporary furnishings will be best to complement the architecture of the home and life style of the family. A budget hasn’t been decided on yet but I have started on the floor plans. I will meet again with the family in the next few weeks and will update you with the progress.


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