This past weekend I was rearranging my room and I came across an old DVD of the first season of Rebelde. Does anyone remember that show? Geez, it was so long ago and all the memories are coming back.

The band RBD started off the Mexican telenovela Rebelde. It took place in a private school “Elite Way” where most of the students were high in social class. The students start a band in secret and end up becoming extremely successful. There was love, romance, laughter and sadness along the way. The show was super fun and worth watching. After all the seasons of Rebelde were over RBD stayed together and continued promoting their albums and doing concerts. A few years later the band started having problems with its members and came to an end.

Along the way RBD had some great singles from different albums. Most of the songs talk about love and heartbreak, very good music indeed. I even went to see them in concert here in Chicago.

Below are my favorite songs from RBD. Check them out and tell me what your favorite RBD was.

Rebelde was the theme song for the telenovela Rebelde- 2004-2005

Salvame is another love song, just perfect. RBD made an english version but the spanish was way better

Nuestro Amor was a single from the second album in 2005.

Este Corazon was my favorite RBD song. The lyrics are perfect

Aun Hay Algo

Celestial was the first single from their third album Celestial and was released in 2006

In 2006 RBD came out with an english album Rebels was a single. The song played on radios for a while but wasn’t picked up by americans

Era La Musica

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