Being in New York City for only 48 hours was absolutely astonishing. It makes me want to go back to explore and see how it differs from other cities that I have been to. I fell in love with the architecture and the history that New York offers its visitors. Every block was so different; every building has character and its great to see how nature is incorporated with life in a big city.

Times Square was a circus during the day and I have no words to describe it during night. Lets just say that it took my cab 15 minutes to travel a few blocks. Ha!

Central Park was a bigger than I expected, but the subway system was even bigger. I thought that the Paris Metro was confusing; New York’s Subway was extra confusing. Trying to find the entrance is a challenge in itself.

Shayda Henry and I had a great time exploring the city and taking photos of everything. Typical tourists! Overall New York was better than I expected it to be. Below are photos taken throughout the two days and in different parts of the city.

Have you been to New York? I want to hear your stories.

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