With the blink of an eye a new year has started and once again the world didn’t end at midnight. This year was the first time in my life that I have been in the states to celebrate a New Year, that fact alone deserves a cheer and celebration! Ha. Spending the last evening of 2017 with friends who have been there for me throughout the year was truly a magical thing. I didn’t expect that I would be in Chicago during the holidays but it was nice to compare how New Year’s Eve differs from one country to the next.

I want to thank my fabulous friend Peg Mooney for inviting me to her home for this celebration. Peg differently knows how a party should be but the best part is that her home is a holiday wonderland.

Disclaimer: The following photos were taken throughout the night and sadly not everyone was photographed. Most of the photos taken were blurry as the camera was on “the wrong setting” (Reality: the cocktails were strong).

Love you all my dear friends.

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