The Mona Lisa is the most famous and recognized painting in the world. Originally painted by Leonardo da Vinci during the Italian Renaissance, the Mona Lisa is full of history and secrets.

During my 2011 trip to Paris, I got the chance to see this wondering piece of art. The Mona Lisa hangs in the Louvre Museum behind extreme security. She hangs in a climate-controlled and bulletproof glass case and to top it off, she is surround by 7 security guards. She may have more security than the president.

El Prado Museum in Madrid has discovered “The World’s Earliest Copy of the Mona Lisa”. It is believed that the painting was done by one of Leonardo’s apprentice at the time the original was painted. The conservators at the Prado Museum have removed layers of black over-paint from the piece, revealing a much brighter and younger Lisa.

Of course the copy will be on display in Madrid and later traveling to France where art lover will worship the copy next to the original.

 Does anybody else think that this is just a way to gain more museum publicity?
If this painting is original why was it painted over and why was it not discovered before?



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  1. Carlos says:

    La Gioconda is undoubtedly a beautiful piece of art, but people not very knowledgeable in art tend to think that the Mona Lisa is the most important artwork of all time, but it’s not, and not even the most remarkable work of Leonardo. Among his female portrait series, I absolutely prefer the portrait of Ginevra Benci. La Gioconda is only the most famous one, but not the best. Moreover, the Museo del Prado houses one of the most important and largest collections of European art in the world, so it needs no extra publicity.

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