Everyone has been going crazy about the collaborations that Target has been doing with current designers. The latest to team up with Target is interior designer Nate Berkus and the collection is currently in stores. I must say that I finally made it over to my local Target and saw the collection on display and to my surprise there was nothing that stood out. The collection was advertised for months before it launched but to me it doesn’t stand up to its hype. I browsed Target online before making my way there and in theory the product looks like an investment but in stores the product is shit.

Small Chevron Urn
PRICE: $22.99

Nate Berkus + Chevron= Totally expected
In my opinion the urn is completely wrong. The thickness of the chevron is bad; it should have been thinner, maybe in white and navy. Also, the size is wrong; to make it a statement urn it should have been at least three feet in height.

Oversized Chain Link 16” YellowPRICE: $12.99

UMM?? What is the purpose of this? It’s completely useless and cheap. It also comes in green.

Oak Washed Box
PRICE: $24.99

While looking online I came across this Oak box and loved it because it was simple, inexpensive and I could use it in my bedroom. I was disappointed when I saw it in stores because the leather was pealing off and the wood look cheap. Fail.

Picture Frame 5×7 Crème
PRICE: $12.99

I’m obsessed with photo frames and lamps and I cant ever have enough. This picture frame comes in different lacquered colors but it doesn’t matter what color you pick it’s pure trash.



Decorative Pillows
PRICE: $24.99 Each

The decorative pillows are what save the collection from being a complete snooze.

Rams Horns
PRICE: $14.99 



NB Column Lamp
PRICE: $49.99

Faux leather lamp that falls apart when touched. Cheap.

Small Decorative Bowl
PRICE: $14.99

Matte aluminum bowl; Pretty! Wish It came in a bigger size but I will wait until it goes on clearance

Harbor Soap Dish
PRICE: $9.99

From the bath collection this soap dish was my favorite. It didn’t look cheap like some other items and I wouldn’t necessarily use it in the bathroom.

There you have it, The Nate Berkus Colletion for Target. Overall the collection could be tremendously improved because I doubt that Nate did any of designing. Oh wells, maybe next season.

Let me know what you think. What have you purchased from the Berkus collection?




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