For a limited time (until July 2nd) The Frame Shop at Michael-Cleary is having a sale. Yes, up to $200 off any custom frame order. The catch is that you must buy a $20 voucher from Gilt City. The $200 offer is used toward a custom framing job and if the price goes over then you just pay the difference.

I have been dealing with people all week who believe that custom framing is cheap. No. This is not IKEA pre-made framing. Yes. This is high-end custom framing. Key word CUSTOM. We are located in the Merchandise Mart, one of the most over priced buildings in Chicago. With that being said would you expect our frames to be affordable? Nope.

In order to make this $200 credit worth it, I recommend people to bring a small piece. Depending on the frame, art smaller that 8 x 10 usually works. With these dimension you can comfortably add a two-inch mat and frame without breaking the bank. Go ahead, buy your Gilt voucher and bring in your small art to us.

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