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It’s been months since I last posted a blog update but tonight I’m making up for lost time. It’s been about a year since I purposely left the blogging world and all there’s been is the occasional cry for attention post. The blogging bug came back to me about a week ago when Pressable, my hosting website sent me an email about renewing my hosting subscription. After thinking about it for five minutes I decide to cancel and eventually after not renewing, the website was shut down and erased forever. I got a little scare that all previous time and effort spent on this site would be gone and that’s when it all came back to my head. I have spent years developing Livinginmodern to just let it go that easy. I couldn’t say goodbye, so here we are.

I’ve always said that inspiration hits me at the weirdest of times and once again that became true.

Side note: Many years ago when I was constantly blogging, I would find inspiration by doing some light stalking on an ex. I was doing the stalking as I felt that maybe he was doing the same with me and somehow blogging by putting the information out there for him to see was the answer. Back then I was standing in the shadow of a damaged heart so I stuck around doing that for a bit until one day when I realized that I was fool. I was an idiot and luckily those foolish ways have been left behind.

I know that I’m the worst blogger on this planet and somehow I blame myself, as if I could blame anyone else. Standing where I am now, feels like I’m never going to see myself at the finish line even if the past three months have been spent renewing my inner self.

When I first moved into my studio apartment that so lovingly I have named Studio LIM, I promised a studio tour. It has now been over two years and Studio LIM’s tour never came but many photos have surfaced on social media platforms and was featured on 2016 Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool contest. Now I have renewed my lease for another year of living small and quite frankly I look forward to coming home to this space every night.

So I’ve been keeping a secret for five months now and can finally blog about it. Back in December, right before the holidays I got a very interesting email from Aimee Mazzenga at Apartment Therapy. She was reaching out to see if I would be interested in having Studio LIM photographed and featured as a Home Tour on ApartmentTherapy.com

At first I hesitated as I was traveling out of the country for two weeks but later learned that we had time to plan and get it on the calendar. Many emails later we had a set date for photographing the space. Aimee came over on a cold winter morning and got to work as we chatted about the space and it’s quirky decor.

Today was the day that Studio LIM’s tour went live on Apartment Therapy and I couldn’t be more excited to see the space that I’ve created be feature on such website. It’s truly an honor to be there! I would be lying if I said that I haven’t checked the post like twenty five times today. Reading the readers comments makes me even more proud to call this small space my home. Thank you to Aimee and Apartment Therapy for the help and love in featuring Studio LIM.

Check out my studio tour HERE and give us some love.
Photo Credit: Aimee Mazzenga for Apartment Therapy

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