Warning: This post was supposed to be up on Friday but I got busy. Eh don’t cha knoe?

Dear August,

Good morning Friday, as I do my daily summer walk to work I have a smile from ear to ear because I start to remember how wonderful life truly is. I decided to wear my gold Sperry boat shoes today and as I’m walking and typing on my phone I get a glimpse of the gold reflection every so often.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 2.53.41 PM

Monday when I was leaving work I noticed that some of the trees have started to loose their leaves. Before we know it summer will be over and winter will be here again. My boss has already started talking about Christmas and how we need to start planning our Christmas designs. This year Christmas will be a bit different because Italy is calling my name. Anyone interested in an Italian vacation with me?

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Tuesday night I went out to dinner with someone who I haven’t seen in a few years. At first I was a bit nervous about getting together again but after a short conversation I realized that no time had passed. Everything seemed the same and we were even laughing at all the old memories that we once had. As weird as it sounds I’m happy that this person is back in my life because I wasn’t expecting it to happen.

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Thursday night I had a delicious Italian dinner with George, Matthew and Peg. I love these unplanned dinner dates with them because every time we have one it’s such a fun time and never a dull moment. Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 10.06.57 AM

Friday night after a wonderful day at work Misael and I made our way to Matthews house for a painting party. Over the last month we have been on a mission, some mission impossible type shit, where we are bring the sophistication level up on his great room. Now if only we could get Matt to agree on adding a hot tub to the back porch. Hmmm… I didn’t take a photo of the before because we have slowly been arranging and furnishing the space but I will most definitely take a photo after the space is complete.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 2.54.53 PM

My Twenty-fifth birthday is coming up in two weeks and to be honest I’m extremely excited for it. The plan is to go skydiving and hope not to die. More on that to come as the date approaches.

Over all this week was fabulous but it went by extremely fast. Lets slow it down a bit.



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