Dear (Ex) Library Student Workers

Remember all that fun we had while working at The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago Library?
Well, Me neither

All I remember is Emma drugged out on energy drinks during finals. it’s been years since graduation and even longer since we last saw each other. Everyone started a new life.

Some of you moved far away
Some had children
Some are getting married soon
Some dropped out and will forever be alone (Cynthia)

One thing is certain; we’re all struggling to pay aunt Sallie Mae back. Lets jump that bitch.

I’m suggesting that we meet up again, one last time before the world ends.

           When: March 9th, 2012
           Time: 6:00 P.M
           Location: Restaurant TBD

You have three weeks notice. Enough time to make work arrangements, find a baby sitter (Bring the baby) and plenty of time to save up so you can buy me a drink. Any suggestions let me know. Totes excited to see all of you (OR AM I?)

P.S. TIME SHEETS are due this Friday

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6 Responses to Library Meet Up

  1. Ambar campos says:

    See you soon bitches!

  2. emma says:

    i will only eat at a place that serves monster low-cal.

  3. Brittany Pflug says:

    Lets meet at boiler room! 7.50 for a slice of pizza, tall PBR and shot of Jameson! They also have Jameson Ice Cream! OR, I am more than willing to have a party at my house. 2114 N. Bingham, 60647. (right between the california and western blue line stops)

  4. Ambar Campos says:

    Since I live very far away I won’t even suggest my house… Bucca di Beppo is nice and the portions are meant to be shared so we could just order a few large plates of stuff and split the cost.

  5. yesenia says:

    Anything but the cheesecake factory, figuring that check out was a nightmare. My place is too small, and since most of us are on a budget, how about inexpensive? Ei: Tgif, hooters, lalos, etc. in the end any place will suffice, since I want to see you guys.

  6. Cynthia says:

    cant wait to see you all!

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