This past weekend I go the opportunity to visit and explore the Keith Fritz Fine Furniture Factory and warehouse in Ferdinand Indiana. Keith Fritz is one of the manufacturers of handcrafted and custom furniture that Michael-Cleary LLC represents in Chicago and D.C.

Henry and I flew from Chicago to Louisville, KY. Keith picked us up at the airport and drove us back to Ferdinand Indiana where his factory building is located. Along the way we stopped at 21C Museum in downtown Louisville, KY. 21C Museum is committed to contemporary art of the 21st Century and it’s here were we took a photo with a giant gold statue replica of David.

For more information on 21C Museum click HERE.

I took a photo in front of an installation by Anne Peabody. It’s a massive funnel cloud made of found objects.

After the museum we stopped at a local restaurant where we had lunch. The view was of the Ohio River and we couldn’t resist taking a photo of the lovely day.

Back at Keith Fritz Furniture Factory we got to see first hand how custom furniture is handcrafted and produced. Walking around the warehouse I came across all the tools, machines, and products used to create each one of kind piece. Here you can see some of the wood templates stored in a corner and a veneer machine waiting to be used. 
Waiting to be finished is the base of a rectangle Nantucket table.

Also, waiting to be finished were the base and top of a Ramsey Table.

Keith also has a collection of one-of-a kind mirrors that I adore. The Ball and Spike mirrors can all be customized to the clients needs. At the warehouse his team was working on a new mirror. Here you can see the template that is first used when starting out a new order. 

After the template has been cut the veneer will be added and the mirror will turn out like this 

The mirror is added after the finish has been done and the rim has been painted, silver or gold leafed. 

The final product looks something like this.

The trip to Keith Fritz Factory was very informative and eye opening. Thank you Keith for giving Henry and I the opportunity to see how real furniture is made.

For more information of Keith Fritz click HERE.



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