Dear Petit Diary,

For the past week I’ve been taking an earlier train to work so I can have an extra hour added to my day. I have been spending my extra hour at Millennium Park and other local parks in the loop before I head into work.

Yesterday I sat at Millennium Park and just watched the tourist walk and take photos around Cloud Gate. In the time that I was sitting in front of the bean I noticed a bird on top of the structure. The bird was just there, on top of the bean starring at the crowd of people that constantly took photos. An hour passed by and it was time for me to leave but the bird was still there, on top of Cloud Gate watching over his land.

Today, once again I made my way to Millennium Park where I sat by the fountains and had my morning coffee. There is a new art installation of these big colorful sculptures on either side of the bean, almost at street level. Having coffee at such early time in a park with no crowds and with the sound of water is such a relaxing feeling. Being at Millennium Park this morning made me feel in touch with myself again, as if I was back from a long trip.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10.24.21 PM

After my coffee and cookies I walked over to the “bean” where I sat on a bench and once again I did my routine of watching people. I looked up at the top of the bean and noticed that the bird was in the same position as yesterday. I couldn’t get my eyes of this little white bird; I’m naming his the king of the Bean. That little bird loves supervising over his land and I’m going back tomorrow to see if he’s still there. Ha!

With all this time that I’ve been spending at Millennium Park it’s gotten me to think about myself, my needs, my future and what I’m working for. At this moment in time I cannot tell you where the journey will end but I can tell you where it has started.

Love Rene

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