Dear Readers (All two of you)

This week I have gone crazy! To begin, has anyone heard about I’m a Giant Challenge? Last year Emily Henderson and some of her blog buddies started this challenge and the idea is to design a dollhouse from top to bottom and blog about the experience. The challenge was supposed to be done in January 2012, but they haven’t announced the final designs. Sad.

The whole process seems like it would be fun and a great way to design a dream home. I’ve been searching everywhere to see where I can find a nice dollhouse and I mean EVERYWHERE! Who knew that a dollhouse could cost over $500. Rude!

After two weeks of searching I have decided to buy a 1 Inch scale Victorian dollhouse with a mansard roof and tower room. YAY! The overall dimension are 24″W x 16 1/2″D x 38 1/2″H. The best part about building a dollhouse from scratch is that I can create anything and design it in any style. The house comes in pieces and unpainted, I’m going to need a good contractor.
Check back soon.





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