This week has been extremely stressful and the only way to deal with life is with music. I have compiled a bunch of songs that are currently making me feel good and currently on replay.

At the moment I love this song by The XX. My friend posted it on her Facebook wall and I was instantly hooked. The lyrics are perfect and so touching. And the end comes too soon
Check out the video below.

Another song that I have been hooked on is by Belinda. The song is called “En El Amor Hay Que Perdonar” when translated to English the song title is “In Love We Must Forgive”. The song came out a few weeks ago and will be on her album “Catarsis” when it gets released in September. Perfect break up song is PERFECT!
Check out the lyric video below.

“You and Me” is an older song by Joseph Birdsong that I have loved from the beginning. I have played this song everyday for the past week and I’m not sick of it yet. The song is catchy and perfect for a dance party. This jam is totally worth playing during those long lonely nights.

Check out his creative video below

Another lovely Joseph Birdsong song. Ha! A Birdsong Song! These songs were clearly written after a break up, actually I think they were written after he dated Stevie. Hmmm
I’m loving his whole cd, it’s just so catchy and fun.

This next song is extremely sad and it comes from the talented Chris Garneau. The tears started rolling as soon as that piano started to play. And now, twenty minutes have passed, the tears still coming out.

The song is called “Relief” and it’s another perfect example of a break up song. The lyrics are so powerful that they take on a new meaning when the sea actually comes. As sad and depressing as the song is, it is on replay.

 The best lyrics are” I’ll never ask, I’ll never ask again.
Check out this wonderful music video below

This is the song that started it all. It is called “Black and Blue” and it’s also by Chris Garneau. Just perfect.

Opus 23 is by Dustin O’Halloran; this song comes from the 2006 movie soundtrack of Marie Antoinette. What I have always loved about it is the emotion that the piano brings. The video is perfectly animated to fit the song. It’s beautiful and touching.

Check out the lovely video below; also listen to other Dustin O’Halloran videos

Lana Del Rey has some great songs; my two favorites are “Video Games” and “Born to Die”. These songs would have been perfect. Playing video games.

Last but not least is “Part of Me” by Katy Perry. Katy is not my favorite but I’ll admit that she has had some good songs lately. This is exactly how I felt the other day when I took a hair clipper to my head. And in fact you can keep everything except for Napo.


And now its time for me to say goodbye.
What songs are you currently listening to? Let me know..

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