Dear Blog,

I want to start out by apologizing for not having an update in over ten days. I have failed tremendously at keeping you updated but have no fear because I’m back!

Honestly I have been extremely busy with my life that I have zero time to blog and I completely miss it. Over the past two weeks I was pondering the idea of completely deleting my Living in Modern website and starting out again. There are a few personal reasons for wanting to start out fresh but after a lot of talk and consideration I have decided to stay. By now Living in Modern is well known by my friends and family and I’ve come to the conclusion that people are always going to be noisy, no matter how much or little information I put out there.

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In the continuous effort of making 2013 the best year of my life I have done some major life changes.

At the beginning of April the line-up for Lollapalooza leaked and gave everyone a massive boner. Tickets when on sale and sold out immediately, leaving a lot of people ticketless. Ha! The line up this year is crazy, and I will do the impossible to join everyone in Grant Park this August.

For me to want to go to Lollapalooza is rare. I’m not a big fan of being in crazy crowds but this year is about living a little more than last. The three days are filled with talented bands that I will see up close. I already started making a playlist to catch up with all the music. Ha!

Last week I pre-ordered the iPhone 5 from T-Mobile and now I’m the happy owner of a sleek black iPhone. I think this is the fifth life upgrade of 2013. Ha! It was time that I updated my phone and I may or may not have gotten a new number. Complete fresh start!


Work is the reason that I have no time to do anything else during the week. We are working on some crazzyyyy design projects that make me love what I do. I can’t talk much about work but once these projects are completed I will gladly make a post on them.

Saturday night I was lucky enough to attend the Rising Stars in Concert at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. The show, which was almost three hours in length-featured arias and ensembles which were performed by singers of the Ryan Opera Center. I attended the special night event with two wonderful new friends; Josh and Jeff who I met back in February. The opportunity to sit in a third row seat amongst all the wonderful people who attended the show was incredible. I had such a wonderful evening at the opera that I feel blessed to have friends like these boys.

lyric opera Lyric opera

Slowly all the pieces are falling into place. Every step that I’m taking day by day is better than the last. I’m looking forward to the rest of the month, so many wonderful things happening.

-Love Rene

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