On Valentines Day I spent the beautiful day with a lovely young man and we were surrounded by art. We visited The Chicago Cultural Center where we saw the current exhibition called “frizzflopsqueezepop” by artist Claire Ashley. This contemporary art exhibition is both painting and sculpture. Walking through the gallery was very interesting because you have oversize art in front you that are viewed differently from every angle.

The architecture of the building is totes amazing and I found myself starring at the littlest detail throughout the space. The stained glass Tiffany dome is also a show stopper and lovely to stare at for a few minutes. On the second floor there is more contemporary art but I can’t recall the name of the exhibition. Whoops!

Overall the day was lovely and full of good surprises. I recommend visiting The Chicago Cultural Center to everyone and best of all, it’s free!

Below are photos of the art, the architecture and of me. Ha!


museum1 museum2 museum3 museum4 museum5 museum6 museum7 museum8 museum9 museum10 museum11 museum12 museum13 museum14

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