On a recent trip to the fabulous land of Mexico I visited Janitzio (Ha-knit-si-oh) with my family. Janitzio is an island located in Lake Patzcuaro a few hours from our house in Maravatio. Janitzio is well known for their local cuisine “Pescado Blanco” and their annual celebration of “Dia de Muertos” (Day of the Dead). The only way to step foot on Janitzio is by taking the Lanchas (small boats) which take about 30 minutes from main land to the island. The boats charge 45 Pesos for a round trip (45 Pesos is about $4.00). Once on the island you can walk and climb the steep cement stairs to reach the top. The highest point of Janitzio has a 40-meter statue museum of Jose Maria Morelos. To enter the statue you pay a few Pesos, which allow you to climb and explore the site. Climbing the steep staircase inside the statue is easier said than done but along the way you will find murals on every wall.

Also on the island you will find a graveyard and church (church was closed during my visit). On the way down back to the boats, I recommend you shopping for souvenirs and having lunch at one of the many restaurants.

Check out the photos below

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