Downton Abbey is my current obsession.

The first season aired on september 2010 in the United Kingdom but for us in the United States it didn’t come until now. The series is a period drama bases on a fictional town of Downton Abbey. The series starts out in the year 1912 with the news of the sinking of the Titanic. The first episode was enough to have me hooked and keep me wanting more. Of course I watched the complete season and now I am re-watching.

I completely recommend it because of the drama, suspense, the history, and the sexy characters.
I love seeing the life style of others 100 years ago, The castle where the series is filmed is amazing, I love the gardens and the interiors and I cant complain about the fashion.

Season 2 is currently airing in the United Kingdom but wont come to America until next year. Ugh, there has to be a way to not wait.
Are you watching Downton Abbey??

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