When designing a home, it always seems that budgets are a big priority. Budgets can range anywhere from $100 to $10,000,000 but in the end our friend budget will always affect the final design.

For a while now I’ve been living with Klubbo an IKEA coffee table. This IKEA coffee table is Simple, Inexpensive and low to the ground about 10″ in height. Klubbo makes everything in the room look oversized especially the sofa. While it served its purpose, it has to go. Immediately!

Henry and I came across a John Widdicomb coffee table at an estate sale. John Widdicomb is a maker of high-end furniture from Grand Rapids MI. Widdicom has a long history in high style, exquisite detailing, veneers, and hand painted decorations.

The coffee table has some intricate carved details, clean lines but best of all its made of solid wood, not like that cheap IKEA table. We immediately noticed the antique gold and avocado green finish. The 1970’s called and they want their color scheme back. Ha!

We decided to take a risk and transform this Widdicomb table. The problem with doing a DIY in Chicago is the crazy winter weather. While I would usually sand furniture in the back yard, with eight inches of snow and freezing temperature I had to find another option. We decided that the downstairs bathroom was perfect for sanding (Yes, the windows and doors were open).

I started by sanding down the top, removing the old walnut finish. Having a power sander helped out tremendously, the total time spent sanding the top, sides and legs was about three hours. The table is still not sanded completely, crossing my fingers that I will have time this weekend.

Check below for photos of the table, the before, the process and the hot mess.

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