Today at work I was talking to Margaret about ways to re-use the discontinued fabric samples. After a few minutes of coming up with ideas I decided that making a bow tie would be useful since I wear one every other day.

Since I know very little about making clothes I started out by searching online for a bow tie pattern. Of course I spent an hour online and didn’t find any useful information. I asked a few fashion design friends if they knew anything about bow tie patterns, sadly that didn’t help. Finally, I grabbed a bow tie that I haven’t worn in a while and took it apart. Seeing how it was put together gave me an idea on how to make mine.

1. I traced my bow tie pattern onto a sample fabric
2. Carefully pinned the fabric together
3. Slowly sew the fabric
4. Cut extra fabric off
5. Turn the fabric inside out
6. Fold fabric to get the bow tie shape

Here is a photo of my bow tie in progress; I still need to add a strap to go around my neck. Not bad for my first attempt at making a bow tie and I’m planning on making a bigger one in a different fabric.


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  1. Robin Nicole says:

    I love it Rene! The idea is so unique and resourceful!

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