Dear Gays:

Wearing a bow tie everyday to work seems easy and fun. A bow tie can do wonders to an outfit and a good bow tie can make you stand out from all bow tie wearing gays. If you’re like me, by now you have a  collection of bow ties, but spending over $60 on one bow tie is no longer an option. I started designing and making my own bow ties.

        STEP 1: Purchase a fabulous fabric, preferably something thin like silk or cotton.
       STEP 2: Trace the bow tie pattern onto the fabric.
(I made my pattern by tracing an old bow tie and made a few modifications in size.)
        STEP 3: Pin fabric
        STEP 4: Sew fabric by following the bow tie outline
        STEP 5: Unpin fabric.
        STEP 6: Cut extra fabric around pattern
        STEP 7: Use pencil to reverse fabric
        STEP 8: Iron bow tie smooth
        STEP 9: Repeate steps 1-8

There you have it, Make your own bow tie in less than an hour and without breaking the bank.


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