Today was a long but exciting day, I went into my internship at Michael Cleary L.L.C located on the 18th floor of The Merchandise Mart. I usually help out with the showroom duties and things that Carson and Margaret don’t have time to complete. Since I graduated in June I no longer need to intern but I love it there. My new title is showroom assistant, which sounds better than intern. Don’t you agree?

The real reason why I went into work today was because Matt wants me to do some renderings/sketches for the Dining by Design event. Totally Excited! Not sure if I can mention much about the renderings, but I will share once they are done. The lovely part is that all the furniture used for the event is from the Michael Cleary L.L.C Showroom.

Dining by Design is from November 3-5 and it’s sponsored by DIFFA/Chicago (The Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS). DIFFA is a non-profit fundraising and grant making foundation founded in 1984. The mission for DIFFA is to distribute funds to Chicago area HIV/AIDS service agencies who provide direct service, preventative education and outreach to HIV positive, living with AIDS or anyone at risk. DIFFA is a wonderful organization and I am glad to be part of it, even if it’s just with a rendering.

Time to work


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