Today at the Merchandise Mart is the day that set up starts for DIFFA’s DINING BY DESIGN three-day event. The 8th floor of the Mart is being transformed from big white empty space to sophisticated dining rooms. Since Michael-Cleary is part of the three-dimensional dining installation, I had the opportunity to see the space before anyone.
Some how there was a ton of problems that I did not see coming. After a few technical difficulties with the floor plan (which involved about ten people trying to figure out which section was ours) we managed to figure out what I had been saying all along. The space is too small for all the furniture Matt wants to display.

Here are just a few of the problems that we came across

Problem 1:   The Europa Chandelier from Minton Spidell is over the weight limit allowed.
Problem 2:   There is less than a foot between Nantucket dining table and Portuguese Console.
Problem 3:   The space is not a perfect square like shown in floor plan
Problem 4:   Will there be enough wallpaper to cover both walls?
Problem 5:   There’s a fluorescent lighting fixture dead center of the space, will we have a chandelier?
Problem 6:   What type of light bulb should we use on the chandelier? Round, large, small or typical
Problem 7:   Steve Jensen lamps can no longer be used if there is no console
Problem 8:   Ceilings are very low, will there be enough space between table and chandelier

To make the space work, Matt eliminated the black Portuguese Console and the two Steve Jensen lamps and decided to add two oversized evergreen shrubs on urns. We want people to feel like the space is outside so adding the scenic wall covering and evergreens will add to that feeling.

Check out the photo below of Matt and Andrew trying to fit the eight-foot evergreen into the urn. The space will be completed on Thursday just in time for the Cocktail hour. I’ll keep you guys updated.


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