Today Napoleon and I watched “Da Vinci: The Lost Treasure” a 2011 documentary from BBC. Hosted by Fiona Bruce who travels to New York, Florence, Milan, Paris and Warsaw to discover new information about da Vinci.

In New York Fiona is given an exclusive preview of a new discovered painting by Leonardo. The lost work by Leonardo da Vinci was found in a private American collection. The painti

ng measures 26 inches by 18.5 inches and is of oil on wood panel. The painting depicts Christ with his right hand raised in blessing and is called “Salvator Mundi”. Experts have authenticated “Salvator Mundi”; the painting was known to exist due to documentation and a 1750’s engraving. It is speculated to be worth around $200 million.

The National Gallery in London will have a special Leonardo da Vinci exhibition starting November 9, 2011 and ending in early February 2012.This exhibition will feature more than 60 the finest paintings and drawings by Leonardo and his followers.

No the Mona Lisa will not be part of this exhibit.
Learn more about Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at The National Gallery HERE.
Learn about the exhibition and get a sneak peak HERE.

Check below for paintings that will be on display
Does anyone want to go with me?

Salvator Mundi

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