Dear Petit Diary,

I found this shirt tonight while cleaning my room and packing all the belongings that are still around from my ex. I don’t know why this shirt didn’t get donated back in January with all the other stuff. I guess I liked how the shirt looked on me but now that I see it again after a few months I don’t know that I want to keep it. It’s a lovely shirt that he bought for me a few years back and I only wore it a couple of times. Every time that I wore the shirt it reminded me of the day that we got it. Those are the memories that I’m trying to avoid now while I’m moving forward. The shirt fits me perfectly but it is a bit tight around my neck.

I added the bow tie because I’m trying to find a reason to hold on to this shirt. I thought that maybe the bow tie would change my mind on why I should put it back in the closet and that I would wear it again. I don’t know what to do because I see the shirt and I see the reflection of him in it. Those were the good old days where him and I were a happy couple but this is now.

I guess that it is time for this shirt to go. From everything that got donated and tossed this was the hardest one to let go. I don’t know why because honestly there were other items that had more sentimental value than this.

-Love Rene

Rene with bow tie

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