It seems that lately there has been so much good music being released or it might be the fact that I’m actually taking the time to listen to the lyrics. Chin scratcher. What ever it is, I love it.

Some how iTunes had an early listen a week before the release of the album “Stars Dance” from Selena Gomez. There are a few songs that immediately captured my attention and have been on repeat all night long. I’m obsessed.

The album has eleven tracks and I can safely say that nine out of those eleven songs are catchy and perfect for a night out in the town. Funny enough that I added the album to my Running Playlist and this afternoon we took it for a test run. It’s been four hours and a cold shower later and I can’t feel my legs. I guess that the music worked in helping me run longer and will be used again tomorrow.

I don’t know if there is much of a difference from her previous albums because the only Selena song that I own is “Love You Like A Love Song”. I will say that this album seems like a pop dance explosion and has a few great lyrics here-and-there.

Have you listened to the album yet? Which is your favorite song?
Let me know.


Slow Down:
This song is the second single of the album “Stars Dance” and it’s not a bad song. Definitely catchy and will be in your head all day. The video is kinda fabulous and shows a completely new Selena. I’m loving the little snippets of Paris.


Stars Dance:


Forget Forever:
“You came and broke the perfect girl”. What else is there to say?


Save The Day:


Write Your Name:


“And you got me feeling like a homecoming queen”


Love Will Remember:
Break up song, Perfect! Boom Gone, Yeah we move on.


Nobody Does it Like You:

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