Dear Paloma Faith,

Thank you for coming into my life this past weekend when we were at Side Track. I’ve heard you before a few weeks ago but I never got the change to write down the name of your song. The song that came on at the bar was the remix version of “Picking Up The Pieces” and I was instantly hooked.

The next morning I went online to do some Paloma Faith stalking. I ended up getting the album “Fall To Grace” which now has been on repeat since Sunday. There is something about Paloma that reminds me of a mixture between Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey, or am I wrong?

The album “Fall To Grace” was released back in 2012 and obviously I’ve been under a rock this whole time. If you haven’t heard a song from Paloma Faith then drop what you are doing and click play below. I must add that every song has certain lyrics that leave me speechless, as if she was in my mind.

“Picking Up The Pieces” was Palomas first single from the album and it’s a song about dating someone who is still recovering from the damage of a previous relationship. The opening of the song is pure perfection and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to the song, or can’t they? The music video to this song it a work of art, Totes my new favorite.


The album includes an acoustic version that almost brought a tear to my eyes. Paloma’s voice is so good with the piano that I can’t get enough.


I also found a remix version that I’ve been obsessed with and I even added this version to my workout playlist. Skinny Girl body here I come.


30-Minute Love Affair


Black and Blue


Just Be


Blood Sweat and Tears


Beauty Of The End


When You’re Gone

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