There is something about rediscovering the music of an artist that fills my heart with happiness.
The songs that you used to play years ago and somehow end up getting lost with time; and suddenly you stumble upon them once more. You start listening and instantly those wonderful memories come rushing back.

Marina and the Diamonds was an artist that I used to be obsessed with a few years ago. Her first two singles “Obsessions” and “I Am Not a Robot” were constantly on repeat. I love Marina and the Diamonds because I can identify my life with her powerful lyrics and there is something different about Marina that other artist aren’t doing with music.

The other night a very good friend sent me the video for “How to Be a Heartbreaker” and i was hooked. During a night out we heard the song again and it immediately became an obsession.

I guess that I’ve been hiding under a rock for the past year because Marina and the Diamonds new album “Electra Heart” was released back in April 2012. Well, better late than never. Tomorrow tickets go on sale for Marina’s Chicago concert on May 20th. I am extremely excited to see her live at the Vic Theatre and I know it will be an awesome time.

The song that started the Marina obsession a few years back. I wanna erase every nasty thought that bugs me every day of every week. We’ve got obsessions.

I Am Not a Robot
This song brings back the most memories. Great memories! Guess what? I’m not a robot

How To Be a Heartbreaker
This song is what restarted the obsession again. I can’t escape this song and now I follow her four simple rules to become a heartbreaker.

But baby, I’m the one who left you; you’re not the one who left me. Enough Said.

Radioactive: Chuckie Remix
And the remix is perfect for the club.

This song goes out to all the Homewreckers out there. You all know who you are because they call you homewrecker! Amen!

Love this song and can’t stop listening to it. When it comes on at the club we get crazy. I’m living life like I’m in a play.

The State of Dreaming

As you can see Marina and the Diamonds is just so good. All her songs are perfect and there is nothing wrong with that. Ha!
What is your favorite Marina song? Are you going to her concert?


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