Last night was the much-awaited Marina and the Diamonds concert at the Riviera Theater in the North side of Chicago. Yes, it finally happened and I couldn’t be more excited for this day. Below are photos and videos taken by me of the neon gold night.

Marina and the Diamonds

I arrived at The Riviera Theatre around 6:30pm and immediately noticed the long crowd of high school girls and young gay professionals. Luckily in that long line of Marina fans was my friend Jairo who was nice enough to let me cut line with him.

Once inside, the Riviera was packed to the bone but I managed to spot a few friends waiting by the bar.

Marina and the Diamonds11

The show started with a loud crazy intro of music-and-lights and then there she was. Marina, standing right in front of all her screening fans. I lost it when I realized that she was starting the show with the song “Homewrecker”! Perfect show is perfect because we cannot escape the past.

Marina & the Diamonds: Intro and Homewrecker

Marina opening the show with “Homewrecker” is what I truly needed. She has such a beautiful voice and her energy totally translates when you see her live and up close.

Marina and the Diamonds2

Marina & the Diamonds: Bubblegum Bitch

Marina and the Diamonds3 Marina and the Diamonds4
Most of the crowd went silent when the songs “Mowgli’s Road” and “The Shampain Sleeper” started playing. I’m assuming it was because that’s two of Marina’s earlier songs from when her career started. Meaning that half of these high school kids were like 10 years old when the songs were released. Chin Scratcher!

Marina & the Diamonds: I Am Not a Robot

Honestly, my favorite parts of the show were when Marina sang her older songs. Listening to those songs again after all these years completely reminded me of the past. Ryan came to mind immediately when the song “I Am Not a Robot” started to play. It seems like it was only yesterday that we used to play the song and bake cupcakes. Well, I would watch and he would bake. Ha! Miss you Ryan.

Marina and the Diamonds5 Marina and the Diamonds6

Marina & the Diamonds: Lies

I would have loved to be in the pit and experience the show from up front but not with all those screaming school children. Deep down all I want is to be in the pit. Ha!

Marina & the Diamonds: Power and Control

Marina and the Diamonds7 Marina and the Diamonds8
Marina & the Diamonds: Starring Role

Marina and the Diamonds9
Marina & the Diamonds: Radioactive

Marina and the Diamonds10Marina and the Diamonds12

Yes, I wore my gold Sperry shoes!
The songs “Primadonna” and “Heartbreaker” were left until the end of the show. Those two songs were the perfect way to end the night!

Marina & the Diamonds: Primadonna

Marina & the Diamonds: Heartbreaker

Marina and the Diamonds13

There you have it, most of the videos and photos of The Marina and the Diamonds concert from Monday Night.
What a lovely night! Marina killed it.

Love Rene

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