On a trip to a Salvation Army I came across a tub chair with exposed wood and immediately I knew it had to be mine. I looked at the chair, with it’s bad stain color, broken caning, and ugly fabric from decades ago I realized that it would make a great DIY.

The wood frame had no scratches or broken parts which was great, also great was the price tag. At $40 I couldn’t resist.

The first step was to remove the awful fabric, foam, broken caning and the million of staples previously used. With that done I made a trip to my local hardware store. I purchased a product called Premium Stripper to remove the finish on the wood.
Premium Stripper comes in a spray can which according to the company its excellent for smaller projects (You can also use the one with a brush for bigger projects). Once sprayed on you can immediately see it work. 15 minutes later and I started to clean the chair. The hardest part was getting the finish off from the small groves.

The chair was left to dry over night. The next day I use dark Ebony to stain the chair. After hours of struggling with the stain because it wasn’t dark enough, I decided that after four layers of stain whatever color came out was fine with me.

I put my sewing skills to the test and made a cushion, with 2 matching fabrics.
The chair is still in progress, check back soon to see the finish product.

Check below for  photos of the chair before, during and after.


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