Dear Diary,

February is slowly coming to an end and to be completely honest these past two months have been pretty amazing to me. This morning I woke up, looked in the mirror and laughed at myself. I’ve been extremely happy all morning and I’m still in a dancing mood from last night. I’m so motivated to get in shape that I’ve been running with Napoleon for the past few weeks. We just got back from a long run in the cemetery and I already feel my legs getting sore, or that might be from dancing the night away. Ha!

I’m sitting at my desk writing this blog and I’m surrounded by a lot of memories. I look around and see nothing but the reminder of my ex. The beautiful reminders of how perfect things were a year ago and the beautiful reminders of how lovely my life is now.

I started rearranging my bedroom by cleaning out all the junk; all the bad reminders are gone. I packed all his shit in a bag and pushed it down the stairs all the way to the trash. I went to Home Depot and bought new paint for my bedroom walls because this color has to go immediately.

I feel blessed to be having all these wonderful opportunities come my way. Who would have thought a year ago that this would be happening to me now. Where did I go right? The quote by C.S. Lewis “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind” is completely true and those are words to live by. I’m looking forward to see how March and April treat me because from what I can see it’s going to be amazing.


 Avicii: I Could Be The One

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