In just a few days I will turn 23, coincidently that same day we are having our annual block party, since both occasions are on the same day I have decided to not have an over the top celebration. Anyways 23 is not that important of a year, only means that I’m closer to 30; which is terrifying.
I have decided to get a cute birthday cake. One of those “expensive” fun shaped cakes. Not sure exactly what I want but what ever it is, it will be delicious

I would love a Marie Antoinette style cake. Big, over the top, amazing cake! On the other hand I want to keep it simple, three levels, with minimal decorations. Possibly a Boston Terrier cake topper!

My favorite so far is the white cake with black and red circles; it has the Boston Terrier as the topper.
Also on my favorite list is the round Paris theme cake and the blue octopus. Which one is your favorite?

Check back soon to see what cake I choose
Check the photos below for some cake inspiration.

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  1. Wrong! Every year is important!

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