Hello Mrs. 2018,

We are in you and it’s nice to meet you. Before I forget, I want to thank Mr. 2017 for all the amazing moments and to all the people who made it so memorable.

Tonight I’m drinking tea while under the covers and catching up with LIM. I’m doing a cell phone backup and nothing is more real than scrolling through 4,837 thumbnails of photos taken this past year. Having the year flash back before my eyes is quite the unexpected moment that I needed as we start this New Year. It’s been quite an interesting year to say the least but looking back at all these wonderful moments I wouldn’t change a thing.

It sounds extremely cliché but 2017 was a year of healing and a year of coming into my own. Now that the year is over I can say that the beat to my step has been found again. I feel it; I feel that change within me that I didn’t have at the beginning of 2017. It has been a lot of personal work to get to the point of opening up with friends and myself but once the truth was out I couldn’t stop it from showing itself.

I’m no longer listening to the pain and to the self-doubt that consistently stops me from doing things. I’ve been there too many times before, the feeling of being abandoned hits too close to home but this time I love myself more. For my New Years Resolution I’m planning on saying yes more. Wait; let me rephrase that, confidently I will say YES more. There are too many wonderful experiences that in previous years I’ve said no to but that’s all about to change. The most important YES will be to the handsome guy who has been asking me out on dates. The year of 2018 is about taking out the trash, letting go of the garbage that fills my life and focusing on what’s truly important to becoming happier. Cheers to starting over and Happy New Year my dear friends.

Rene Valdez
Living in Modern


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