Yesterday night was the Kesha and Pitbull concert in Tinley Park and long story short we didn’t go to bed until 2 am. That being said I am exhausted from all the dancing, jumping and craziness of the lovely night. I have zero energy for uploading photos and videos that I took last night so I’m going to wait until tomorrow.

Right now I’m a dead person, trying to stay awake while I type but luckily I have the band Electric Guest to keep me awake. I discovered their new song “Back On Me” and I’ve been obsessed from the moment I heard it. This is the perfect song for tonight, and the lyrics are perfection.

 “Falling back on me. Don’t forget how ruined I am.
Falling back on me. Don’t forget that I’m still the same.”

 If you haven’t heard Electric Guest’s new song “Back on Me” then click the link below because you are missing something in your life. Good night little blog.



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