Dear Petit Diary,

This morning I looked at the calendar and realized that April is around the corner. Only one more week is left of March 2013 and it will be over. This year is going by so fast and I realized that it will soon be three months of opening a new chapter in my life. 2013 has been such a wonderful year for personal growth and so many wonderful things have been happening.

Lets backtrack to a year ago. A year ago I was in a complete different world from where I am now. I find it funny how things happened and the difference that only a year made in my life.

  • A year ago I was getting ready and packing for a second trip to Paris
  • A year ago I was a Twenty-three year old that was blinded by love
  • A year ago the hardest things said where the ones that meant the most
  • A year ago I wasn’t me and nothing was real
  • A year ago I couldn’t have imagined that 2013 would be like this

In the Christmas cards that I sent out during the holidays I remember writing “2013 is our year” and it truly has been. As April approaches I am getting ready for many things. The most important thing I have going on now is a long process. I want to fully learn about myself, I want to know who I am without him.

April hasn’t even started and I already know that it will be amazing. I am excited for my job at Environment Design Group, the designers there are crazy talented and I can learn a lot from them. My first week at EDG was marvelous and I know that I will love it there. The office is so close to the lake and I cannot wait for summer so I can take advantage of that.

Next week is Mika’s concert at Lincoln Hall and I am extremely excited for that night. Kurt and I are going together and I’m 100 percent certain that it will be a lovely night.

  • Today I am exactly where I want to be
  • Today I feel confident of where I’m going
  • Today I have you out of my head
  • Today everything is real
  • Today I regret nothing

At the end of the day anything can happen and I’m up for the adventure. Summer 2013 bring it on.


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