This week Henry and I visited Andersonville on our day off.  We have wanted to visit Brownstone Antiques and Collectibles for quite some time now and this was the perfect day for it. Brownstone is located on Clark Street. From all the reviews that I had read online it sounded like I was going to love this place.

As soon as we walked in I immediately wanted everything. Ha! The store is filled with stuff piled onto stuff and it does take some time to look at everything. After about an hour of looking around we decided to purchase a slant front desk and a pair of brass candlesticks.

The desk needs some work but it will make a great project, so stay tuned.
Have you been to Brownstone Antiques?


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  1. […] is the progress of the Antique Slant Front Desk that we purchased in Andersonville back in November. The first step in bringing this bad boy back to life was to […]

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