Dear Le Petit Journal,

As I make my way to work this morning I realize that I only got two hours of sleep. I’m exhausted from the trip to Milwaukee last night. I’m drinking my coffee with cookies and I’m listening to an old favorite band of mine. There is something about Belanova that to this day keeps me coming back to them. Belanova has been with me through the good, bad and the fucking ugly.

As I sit here again listening to them I feel extremely relaxed and I start wondering why I ever stopped listening to them. The lyrics are rolling out on my mouth as each song starts and my heart is filled with joy.

“No me voy a morrir” is a song that I’ve been obsessed with in the last two years. Now that I listen to the lyrics closely the song has more of a meaning and it feels as if she was singing about my life. ha! Most of Belanova’s songs take me back to a certain time in my life, some that I love remember and some that I don’t. I Hope to see this band back in concert soon.


Belanova: No Me Voy a Morir

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